Terms and Conditions of Use:

  • The SehaPracto Health Company is referred to “Application Manager” and is “the owner of the Application”; a visitor or beneficiary of the Services is referred to as Member, Entities that advertise, market, or share their business data are referred to as “Healthcare Providers”.
  • Healthcare Providers publishes, uploads, transmits or otherwise makes available any form, text, publication, illustrations, graphics, audio, video, video clips or other material referred to “the content”.
Personal Responsibility
  • We always strive to ensure that service providers are officially licensed in relevant medical specialties, and in this context we do not guarantee that our content will always be error-free, complete or up-to-date.
  • The member acknowledges that the use of the application is his own responsibility.This is also acknowledged by the healthcare provider when using the app.
  • Member agrees to share personal data with the healthcare provider.
  • The health care provider undertakes not to share members' data with a third party without the member's permission and consent.
  • The application administration reserves the absolute right to modify, change, add or remove any of the terms of use at any time without notice.
  • Please review the Terms of Use periodically for changes, as your continued use of the application after modifications have been made constitutes your express acceptance of such modifications.
  • The Application Administrator is merely an intermediary to ensure the convenience of both the Member and the Healthcare Provider without the App Administrator being a party to any relationship between the Member and the Healthcare Provider. The administration of the application is not involved in the relationship between the member and the service provider and has nothing to do with the disputes or disagreements that occur between the parties.
  • The application administration is not responsible in any way for any content used or any written, photographed or recorded comment towards any official or private entity using or not using the application.
  • The application administration is not responsible in any way for the correctness or error of the data provided by any of the parties.
  • Registration with the department for care providers is exclusively on his personal responsibility and he is responsible for the correctness of his information.
  • The management of the SehaPracto health application is not liable for any damages to you as a member or user, directly, indirectly and in particular, consequential, punitive, or incidental, in connection with any of the acts committed by the health service provider on the health service client: For Example, but not limited to: Unprofessional or unethical behavior or any other offensive act.
  • Misdiagnosed or delayed medical condition.
  • Wrong or delayed treatment or no treatment at all.
  • Medical abuse or neglect.
  • The appointment is canceled, the provider is late, or you don't show up at all to the screening appointment.
  • The SehaPracto Health App and all content, products and services provided through the App are provided by the healthcare service provider without any interference or modification by the App management and without any warranties or guarantees of any kind as permitted by law.
  • We do not guarantee that the results you get from using the Service will be accurate or reliable. The SehaPracto Health app is a way to help you find the best healthcare provider. SehaPracto aims to create a safe environment for members and users to obtain their requests and choose the best for them.
  • This means that we as an application management do not recommend one provider over the other, do not provide any advice in this regard, do not provide any medical advice, do not make any medical diagnosis and do not provide any treatment for any disease. Also, this application is not considered a medical center, clinic, or electronic hospital. Therefore, it is essential that you be careful and takes the precautions when you would apply even if you are not using our services so, it is necessary to understand and acknowledge that SehaPracto Application will not be liable for any damages, deaths, injuries, illnesses, losses, costs or expenses of any kind arising from a healthcare provider.
  • By registering as a health care provider, you agree that your data provided by you and your professional profile available for viewing, will be under a main section of the SehaPracto Health Platform so, it will be referred to on the platform by the name of the working group, in this sense, your use of the SehaPracto Health platform is your acceptance and approval of the terms and conditions mentioned and registered in this agreement, and it is a confirmation of your commitment and compliance with these terms and conditions.
  • These terms and conditions, from time to time, in their current or amended form, control any services provided by SehaPracto health platform.
  • The privacy policy of the platform is an obligatory agreement between you and the SehaPracto Health Platform, Accordingly, by using the SehaPracto Health Platform, you acknowledge your full legal eligibility to contract and enter into contracts and your acceptance of the terms and obligations contained in this Agreement. Therefore, if you do not agree and do not wish to comply with the terms, conditions, policies and laws of the application, please leave the application and do not use it.
  • The services of the SehaPracto Health Platform are not intended for use by you if you are not legally authorized to practice your profession or the legal authority to which your business belongs or to which you are affiliated is not authorized to practice its activities. Therefore, your use of the SehaPracto Health Platform is an acknowledgment by you of your legal eligibility or legality of the entity it represents to carry out its activities.
  • The health care service provider is committed to his full and absolute responsibility, whether criminal or civil, for any error in the diagnosis or treatment of any patient he has dealt with.
  • By registering on the SehaPracto Health Platform, the platform management will not be responsible under any circumstances and in any case for any medical error, professional malpractice or disregard, committed by the health care service provider against the member or beneficiary of the service, whether he is a patient, visitor or guardian for patients who are not over the legal age.
  • The beneficiary acknowledges that the data shown within the platform is only available for information and to facilitate the matter for users. The remote medical examination cannot be considered in any way as a substitute for face-to-face specialized medical advice.
  • The data, information and services provided are only available for the purpose of their use in the field of medical professions or health care.
  • The SehaPracto Health Platform and its administration cannot be held liable for any breach or disclosure of any information in the Application under the terms and conditions herein.
  • The management of the SehaPracto Health Platform has granted the user a restricted, non-exclusive, restrained and revocable license to use the data, content, materials and information available on the SehaPracto Health Platform; Taking into account that the user is not entitled to use or exploit any intellectual property rights owned by others without the prior written consent of the owner of the property through the text of the intellectual property law, except within the limits frankly permitted.
  • The management of the SehaPracto Health platform possesses the intellectual property rights owned by it, and the user does not, in any way, have any of the rights owned by the management of the platform, represented by the owner company, except with a written consent from it, This is other than what is reasonably necessary for the purpose of using the services for their intended purposes and within the limits of what has been stipulated in these terms and conditions.
  • Platform management makes application services available in different devices according to the technical and technical capabilities available
  • We provide access to third-party tools that we do not monitor and have no control over.
  • Prevents the exploitation of any security vulnerability or weakness of any system, application, network, testing of any system or any attempt to hack into security or verification procedures; For example, but not limited to sending an electronic virus, overloading, flooding messages, spam to any part of the service; planting malicious or other software through the use of services to disseminate malware, access or search for services by any means, sending spam, promotional advertisements, advertising or spam, or sending false, misleading or modified information, including In that misleading or fraudulent messages
  • Prohibits the publication of any false or misleading material or violates the rights of others
  • Promotion or advertising of any product without the necessary approval and permission is prohibited from managing the platform.
  • It is prohibited to promote or advertise any product without the necessary approval and permission from the platform management.
  • It is prohibited to post or participate in any material that is illegal, pornographic, inappropriate, intolerant, religious, racial or ethnic hatred that violates the law or the privacy of others or defames others. It is prohibited to promote or advertise any product without the necessary approval and permission from the platform management.
  • Agree that the management of the platform may, at any time, without restrictions, modify copy, delete, publish, distribute, translate and use any comments sent to us by any other means.
  • If there is any information on the platform containing typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, purchase, transfer, storage and shipping fees of the product, transition times and availability , the application management reserves the right to correct errors and inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the information.
Health care provider content:

Healthcare Provider Content and Practices are for general reference only, knowing that Healthcare Provider Content may be provided by the Healthcare Provider, and may be obtained from other data sources that the Healthcare Provider may confirm. In addition, the content may change constantly. It may become outdated, incomplete or inaccurate. Accordingly, the platform or its management is not responsible for the content, its continuous updating, and its relevance to the topic or its accuracy in any way.

Rules and conditions for using members:

As a new member of the SehaPracto family, we will appreciate your choice of the SehaPracto platform and understand your concern for your security and the security of your data and your desire to obtain the best services within a secure and efficient electronic environment. Based on the foregoing, the management of the SehaPracto Health Platform has set some special rules and conditions in order to perform the services in the best possible way and to regulate any relationship arising between you and health care providers, advertisers or content creators. Here, it should be noted that if you do not agree to the rules and conditions contained in this document, please do not use the platform, also this document deals with all the measures that have been taken to protect the rights guaranteed by international and national legislation for the person seeking medical assistance; throughout the provision of services on or through the SehaPracto Platform. The goal is patient rights and increased protection of human health and the quality of health care services. SehaPracto Health Company does not guarantee that the platform will provide uninterrupted service and without technical problems. SehaPracto Health also draws your attention to the fact that the platform can slow down or stop the service in some cases that are beyond the will of the company. We hope that you will be patient until the service returns again.

Rights of Members and Healthcare Providers:
The right to receive services

All persons over the age of eighteen and who enjoy full legal eligibility are entitled to benefit from the services allocated to them in accordance with the controls, rules and conditions contained in this document; Regardless of language, religion, race or cult, our patients are entitled to receive preventive and curative health care services necessary for a healthy life on an equitable basis as provided by the health care provider.

Right to know and disclose before committing with any healthcare provider

Members who use the SehaPracto Health App are entitled to receive information about a healthcare provider within the limits that ensure their safety and health security.

Right to accept and approve :

Members have the right to accept or refuse the appointment, treatment or service; or request to stop the appointment, service, or treatment, provided that the service provider is aware of that in an appropriate period of time, in order not to cause harm to the health care service provider.

The right to choose and abolish the identification of a health care provider :

Members employed to apply SehaPracto have the right to choose and de-identify diagnostic and treatment methods, primary service providers, nurses and other health care staff.

Right to privacy and confidentiality :

Member users have the right to request confidentiality of all data relating to personal details, health status, diagnosis, treatment or private visits.

  • Easy booking appointments and reminding members seeking service in several forms (booking a doctor, booking a nurse, booking a medical center or communicating with a pharmacy to seek safe and legal treatment) :
  • Through the data provided by you, a complete file is organized that facilitates the work of health care providers.
  • Provide the service provider with access to information on the history of your needs
  • Easy search for doctors or health care providers located in any state, center or hospital registered in the SehaPracto Platform.
The system's programming includes the following details :

The SehaPracto platform has been implemented and developed in a way that enables all those interested in medical matters to benefit from the services available in a safe and easy environment through several technical elements, part of which can be mentioned as follows: :

  • SehaPracto is a mobile app that works on Android and iOS devices
  • The sections were displayed so that each section displays a list of doctors in each specialty with a profile page for each healthcare provider with options to add to the favorites, and participate.
  • The possibility of searching either by specialty and region or through the name of the doctor, hospital or specialty
  • The app displays search results on the map for easy viewing of results
  • The user can make an appointment with the healthcare provider through the application and determine the type of service for a fee known earlier. Some laws may not allow the publication of prices for health care services.The service can be provided in attendance or online on a specific date and according to the times available and pay the booking fee electronically or in cash and as advertised. This is done easily from the application interface and this feature can be frozen
  • Booking a home visit: Allows the user to request medical support to come home for wages known through the information provided by the service provider.
  • A special page to view the user's appointments and reservations.
  • Social media login
  • Online payment
  • Page Favorites: Displays the list of doctors added by the user to his favorite list.
  • User Profile Page: The user can register and enter his data to make a file of his condition within the application and include personal information about the user that is adjustable.
  • Control panel: The control panel enables work supervisors to manage user accounts and see appointments
  • The app includes push Notifications as well as notifications as the booking date approaches.
  • Technical Support Icon: Allows communication with app management through live chat through Firebase or through the support card.
  • Make a way to control the packages and their prices and determine the number of bookings and features such as appearing in the search engine for each package.
  • Determining the appearance of a doctor or medical center in search engines (impressions)
  • Separating the type of user of the doctor and the type of user for the medical center or hospital
  • Work a mechanism to register the center or doctor himself (with the approval of the application department)
  • Establish a notification system for users, doctors and centers.
  • Activate the user's web interface just as in the app.
  • The possibility of adding a written conversation between the doctor and the patient.
  • Registration through doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratory centers, analyses, hospital hospitals or medical, therapeutic and health course centers
  • Pharmacy Department: Allows the service member to order medicines through the site or application by calling or sending a prescription photo; Or by searching for a specific drug through the management of the application and sends the patient a reminder of the dates of renewal of the drug through direct contact with the pharmacy

All of this would lead to

  • The possibility of saving effort and money and not wasting it because of the quantity and quality of different specialties that can be coordinated to form a complete and accurate medical file.
  • Help you as a user find the right healthcare providers for your needs by providing the maximum number of options, so to diversify the health care providers involved in the SehaPracto application by providing lists of health care providers, profiles or each. They can be based on other factors (e.g., availability of health care provider, past choices or user-determined health-care provider assessments).
User member responsibilities:
  • *When a user creates an account on the SehaPracto Platform, he or she presents the mobile phone number, creates a password and the user should keep his data private and not share it with others. Accordingly, in the event of the password being stolen or disclosed, the User must immediately contact Customer Service to report the situation by communicating with them via the described means of communication. If the User connects to the Services through any external means, he gives permission to the External Connection to access and use his information as required by the External Service, as well as store his data and login credentials to this External Service.
  • Services are provided in the SehaPracto Platform free of charge, but the user member is responsible for the health care expenses provided to him; so any usual or customary fees or other fees for medical or related services decided by health care providers are valid and the user is fully responsible. The user is also responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information provided and recorded by him in the application, and he is responsible for updating it; this includes, but is not limited to, the user's insurance information. Some services may not be available within the application.
  • In addition, the User is responsible for all aspects of the use of the Service and all uses of its data. Including use by third parties that receive user credentials. The User may use the Platform and use the services only for lawful, non-commercial purposes. The User shall not use the Platform in any way that may damage, disable, overburden or damage SehaPracto Health's servers and networks, or interfere with any third party's use of the Platform or utilization of the Services. Also, the User may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of the Services, user accounts, computer systems or networks by hacking, password searching or any other method. Furthermore, the user may not directly or indirectly collect or index any content or part of the application or services (including but not limited to the content of the health care provider, service liability, price information, insurance content) for any other purpose.
  • The user is also responsible for reviewing and complying with the terms of the acceptable use policy issued by the platform administration.
  • In addition to the rights enjoyed by the platform management within these terms and conditions, we may take any action Legal and apply any technical measures to prevent violation of restrictions under these terms and conditions, to enforce these terms of use, privacy policy or acceptable use policy issued by the platform management.
Wages and refunds:
  • Application management has the right to charge any fees it deems appropriate for the membership of healthcare providers or to subscribe to the services it provides to healthcare providers through an annual subscription or any other contractual form.
  • The contractual period for health-care providers is one calendar year starting with the date of signing the contract and automatically renewed unless one of the parties requests the termination of the contract within at least one month of the end of the contract
  • Application management has the right to unsubscribe any healthcare providers that exceed any of the terms of use and privacy
  • If the user pays for an appointment or a service using a Visa card, MasterCard card or any other payment portal provided by the app management, transaction funds may not be refunded
  • Application management has the right to modify the services or fees provided at any time without warning
  • App management has the right to stop services or fees provided at any time without warning
  • Application management is not responsible to the user or any third party for modifying or discontinuing the services and fees provided
General terms and conditions

By agreeing to the terms of use of the app, you, as a healthcare provider, undertake::

  • You have all the rights to use and publish your content.
  • Publishing content by or through your party in the app does not violate privacy rights, advertising rights, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, contract rights, confidentiality, or any other third-party rights.
  • You agree to recompense the app's management, officials, directors, employees, and agents, and protect them from any lawsuits, losses, legal liability, damages, costs and expenses of the third party (including applicable law costs and fees) arising from your violation of any of these terms of use or any illegal use of the platform or through the platform. You will be notified of any such claim, liability, loss, cost or expense of this kind.
  • Do not use the platform in any act that corroboration or supports any criminal activity or project or provides guidance information on criminal activities, including but not limited to the manufacture, purchase of treatment or description of illegal mixtures, violation of a person's privacy, submission or creation of software viruses through links and the like .

Under no circumstances may the Platform be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, and if you do not agree to all the terms and conditions, please do not use the Platform in any way.

The management of the platform has the right to suspend or cancel the membership of any party in the event of violation of Turkish laws in the declaration or violation of the terms of this agreement.

The Member or Service Provider's use of any service provided through the Platform is at its own risk and discretion

Platform management may use third-party software as part of the services, including but not limited to third-party open source software. To contain attribution and disclaimer notifications that applies to third-party software; User's use of third-party software is subject to some or all of the terms of use, privacy policy, and terms governing such use issued by the third-party software provider.

The member and the health care or service provider declares that he is fully aware of the regulations and laws regulating his work within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and in accordance with international law.

The information contained in the platform, whether on the application or the website, is general information that has been prepared to raise the level of public awareness and may not in any way be considered a recommendation, treatment or diagnosis, but you should always consult your doctor for treatment.

Property rights

All rights are reserved for SehaPracto and have the right to manage the platform alone.

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, you acknowledge that we own and retain all right, title and interest in the SehaPracto Health Platform, including all icons and tools used and made up of the Application and Website, and all content in the application except for your content.

Content provided by the platform management and provided by others is protected by trademark laws, copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights. In addition, the entire content of the Platform is a compilation work subject to Turkish and international copyright laws and treaties.

Account-related email

SehaPracto Company reserves its right to:

  • Send e-mails
  • To periodically send you samples of products and services that SehaPracto Health believes may be of interest to you.
  • Sending e-mails inviting you to participate in user data, asking you about your evaluation of our services and your opinion of health care service providers. We will also ask you for information that helps in gaining the opportunity to reach the highest degree of your service.
  • The User (Service Provider / Member or User) may not use or collect contact information provided by Application Users or healthcare providers for the purpose of sending or facilitating the sending of unsolicited bulk communications, such as spam .The user may not allow others to use his account in violation of the terms of this section. Accordingly, the platform administration may terminate the user's registration or access to the services and take other legal measures in case of violation of these provisions by the user or whoever uses the user's data.
Link to other sites :

In the future, SehaPracto Health may provide links to other sites on the SehaPracto Health Platform that direct users to those links and sites. Therefore, SehaPracto Health Company assumes no responsibility for any practices, privacy or policies within those sites accessed through a link or through the content you provide. .

Transfer of ownership and management :

SehaPracto Limited, as the legal owner of the SehaPracto Platform, may assign or transfer ownership of the Platform or transfer management of the Platform, including this Agreement at any time without limitation, to any holding company, subsidiary or affiliate company, or as part of Selling the company to any third party or merging with it or any procedure to transfer the ownership of the company to any third party. On the contrary, the user may not assign or transfer this Agreement or its sublicense to any other person, and any attempt to continue is an offense that requires legal accountability.

Termination of the agreement and suspension of work :

These Terms will continue to apply until terminated by you or the Platform Administrator. You may decide to terminate it at any time and for any reason by discontinuing the use of the Communications and deleting your account, if applicable.

As a Platform Administrator, we may suspend or terminate your access to the Communications at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to, if we believe it is reasonable to

  • You have breached these Terms, the Acceptable Use Policy or any other related policy, or expose us to potential legal risks.
  • You are considered dangerous for any reason.

In all these cases, these items are terminated except for the following sections that will remain in force:

Compensation, disclaimer, liability determination and various items

By providing information to the SehaPracto App, each user (member/health care provider) acknowledges therefore:

  • You have breached these Terms, the Acceptable Use Policy or any other related policy, or expose us to potential legal risks.
  • Agrees to allow us as a platform management to transfer and use this user's information anywhere necessary, including across international borders, and to improve the services and transactions provided by SehaPracto Health, advertisers, third- party service providers or all of them together.
Applicable laws :

Your use of the SehaPracto Health App indicates your implied agreement that the laws of the Republic of Turkey, with respect to principles relating to conflict of laws, apply to these Terms of Use.

Conflicts :

Any dispute relating in any way to the use of the SehaPracto Health Platform application will be referred to commercial arbitration in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey. You accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Istanbul City Courts. The decision of the arbitral tribunal shall be binding in any court within its jurisdiction, and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Arbitration under this Agreement may not be combined with any arbitration by any other party subject to this Agreement, whether through ordinary arbitration proceedings or otherwise. All disputes or requests arising out of or related to this contract or its violation, termination or invalidity shall be considered by the competent Turkish courts in Istanbul……