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Book a doctor

Find the specialty of the doctor you need and book your appointment with him either in the clinic or through an online call, or request that the appointment be at your home at the time and day you need.


Nurse reservation

You can book a qualified and licensed nurse to visit you at your place of residence to be assured of your health and the health of your family around the clock, seven days a week, to provide you with home health services.


Medical Center Reservation

Find the medical center that provides your needs, book a consultation or operation, and choose the date and time that suits you.


pharmacy to request treatment

You can send the prescription to the pharmacy through SehaPracto to request the medicines and treatments you need to reach the location you specify by yourself.

Your medical services are at your fingertips

All health services combined in one platform

Easy booking process for your specific service

The site is designed to facilitate access and reservation of services

Easy booking process for your specific service

The site is designed to facilitate access and reservation of services


A team of specialist doctors specializing in medical specialties.


Doctors team

All qualified cadres and all the specialties you may need in the SehaPracto Platform.


healthcare team

Composed of nurses, physical therapists, dieticians and personal assistants for the elderly and children, highly trained and professionally qualified to practice care.


Hospital team

An integrated team of highly qualified and carefully selected doctors specialized in all medical specialties.


pharmacy team

Pharmacists who are specialized and skilled in their field of dispensing medicines and explaining how to use them to patients and the dates of taking treatment

SehaPracto App is now available

You can provide and request health services by downloading the application from Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS

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انا ساكنة باسطنبول الأوربية والطبيب اللي بتعالج عنده باسطنبول الآسوية كل ما ارجع للطبيب بضل بالطريق ساعاتين تطبيق صحة براكتو حل لي هالمشلكة بالاستشارات الطبية

رشا السيد

أبي مصاب بجلطة ومحتاج تأهيل عضلي وكنت أبحث عن متخصص علاج فزيائي يقدر يجي للبيت بحثت بتطبيق صحة براكتو والحمد لله وجدت متخصص مناسب

سعيد عبدالله