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What is the SehaPracto Platform?

SehaPracto is an electronic platform concerned with the health sector and serves as a link between the public requesting health services and health service providers such as: (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists…….).

What do I benefit from SehaPracto?

How do I increase my income on SehaPracto platform?

How do I register in SehaPracto?

How do I register as a healthcare provider?

How to register as a patient?

Payment methods?

How do I file a complaint?

Refund mechanism?

I did not attend the appointment what should I do?

How do I report an issue with the SehaPracto app?

How can I enroll in the SehaPracto Offer Program?

In how many languages is the SehaPracto app available?

How many offers are accessible in the SehaPracto app?

Can I redeem multiple offers simultaneously?

How do I redeem my offers?

Where can I redeem my offers?

What is a Merchant PIN?

Why do some offers appear greyed out?

Can I redeem an offer more than once?

Do I earn points for sharing offers?

Do I need internet to use the app and redeem offers?

Does SehaPracto add service providers throughout the year?

Can I log in again if I change my device?

What if I accidentally deleted my SehaPracto app? Will I lose all my offers?

How to book an appointment with SehaPracto for at-home lab tests?

How do I interpret my test results?

How often should I repeat the test?

How can I improve my test results?

What are some of the benefits of improving my test results?

How can I track my progress and improvement?