Refund policy

Complains policy

The Public Relations and Follow-up Department of the SehaPracto Health application collects the opinions and opinions of all users (Members - Health Care Providers) who have already received health services through the SehaPracto Health Application in order to ensure that the member receives the health service and the health care service provider in order to reach customers and gain their satisfaction. Department managers and auditors with experience in managing the application review all observations and suggestions and work to increase the quality of service in the light of your requests. We provide feedback on decisions and outcomes based on a review of all requests and complaints, if any. Relationship Management not only makes contributions to your satisfaction, but also helps develop our program in light of your opinions and ideas. Your complaint and negative views are addressed by our senior managers, along with the management of relationships, in order to find substantive solutions. To inform the Public Relations Department of your opinions, suggestions and views, you can send messages to our address postal mail or request direct contact with the staff in our public relations department. Information Security Paragraph: With our full and comprehensive commitment to protecting users information, we cannot guarantee the security of submitting their information to the Site because sending information over the Internet is absolutely impossible. Therefore, the transmission of any data over the Internet, including personal information, is at applicant/member own risk, and the SehaPracto Health platform does not bear any responsibility in this, with the need to note that we apply security and protection standards and use what is necessary for that.

Refund Policy

There shall be no refund once services have been rendered. A refund will be given where cancellation is made before a request has been accepted by the Doctor. After the Doctor has accepted a request, the user will be fully charged irrespective of whether the user cancels the visit or not. The Doctor will be notified if a visit has been cancelled by a user through the Application. A refund will also be given if the Doctor cancels a visit. If a visit is cancelled by the Doctor, the user will not be charged and the Doctor will not receive a payment for that visit. The user will also be given the option to request for another Doctor and the new transaction will be subject to the same refund policy.