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Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy clarify your personal data is collected and used (under certain circumstances). It also refers to the procedures used to ensure the privacy of your information. This policy sets out the choices available to you regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

By downloading and beginning to use the Application, you agree to the detailed terms of this Policy and declare that you have read and understood them. Protecting your data is very important for SehaPracto management. Thus, your name and other information relating to the Privacy Policy are used and, we will collect information when necessary or if it is directly relevant to our transactions with you.

SehaPracto medical Health Platform uses reasonable and appropriate measures to protect users' personal information, In addition to complying with the requirements of the law in the Turkish Republic in force regarding what is relating to the use, disclosure, modification, deletion or disposition of such information, However, advertisers and other service providers that User voluntarily chooses to provide personally identifiable information during registration and interaction with their websites and other platforms may combine such information with other non-personally identifiable information obtained through the Application. SehaPracto Medical Health Platform does not guarantee that the information is completely secure, so unauthorized access or use, hardware failure, or software and other factors may put your data at risk. By accessing this website, each user acknowledges and agrees to hold out this risk when communicating with us. Therefore personally identifiable information is collected (as needed) and stored in a password-protected environment and will not be sold or rented to third parties not affiliated with SehaPracto. SehaPracto Health Company does not guarantee any confidentiality or non-disclosure of any non-personal information collected about users, their interaction with this app , links entered or advertised within the app.

Quality Policy:
  • Ensure the satisfaction of employed members and healthcare providers Protecting, informing and sensitizing the rights of employed members
  • Protecting, informing and raising awareness of user rights
  • We seek through continuous follow-up and improvement on the basis of the participation of all users (members - service providers) to provide world-class health care services to those in need under the supervision of a professional staff in order to be pioneers in scientific research using modern technology.
  • Providing high quality service at reasonable prices.

Complaint policy

The Public Relations and Follow-up Department of the SehaPracto Health application collects the opinions and opinions of all users (Members - Health Care Providers) who have already received health services through the SehaPracto Health Application in order to ensure that the member receives the health service and the health care service provider in order to reach customers and gain their satisfaction. Department managers and auditors with experience in managing the application review all observations and suggestions and work to increase the quality of service in the light of your requests. We provide feedback on decisions and outcomes based on a review of all requests and complaints, if any. Relationship Management not only makes contributions to your satisfaction, but also helps develop our program in light of your opinions and ideas. Your complaint and negative views are addressed by our senior managers, along with the management of relationships, in order to find substantive solutions. To inform the Public Relations Department of your opinions, suggestions and views, you can send messages to our address postal mail or request direct contact with the staff in our public relations department.

Information Security Paragraph:

With our full and comprehensive commitment to protecting users' information, we cannot guarantee the security of submitting their information to the Site because sending information over the Internet is absolutely impossible. Therefore, the transmission of any data over the Internet, including your personal information, is at your own risk, and the SehaPracto Health platform does not bear any responsibility in this, with the need to note that we apply security and protection standards and use what is necessary for that. :


Cookies: Your privacy is very important to us. We use cookies to improve your experience when using the SehaPracto Health app. Performance cookies tell us how you use this application, and functional cookies remember your preferences. Based on the above, we use cookies to give you the best possible user experience by:

  • Respect individual privacy expectations.
  • Building and maintaining trust.
  • Preventing harm to privacy.
  • Adhere to the letter and spirit of privacy and data protection laws around the world.

Our privacy program is based on the company's corporate responsibility approach to manage the data we use to conduct our business; this program complies with global privacy standards and practices and is based on our commitment to the highest ethical standards in all of our business practices and continuous oversight to ensure it is always responsive to changes that get privacy expectations. By clicking the “I accept button”, you agree to all of the terms and obligations in this document described as follows: